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Among Us Tournament this Friday, Oct 29th 8pm ET (12am UTC)


Buy In: $15 in Gallant – send to this contract address: TBD


* The winner will be selected based on a points system.
* The first person to reach 25 points will win the game, and 30 points for finals if needed.
* This number is subject to change depending on tournament participation.
* For crewmates, the points are as followed:
– Winning gains 3 points
– Losing gives 0 points
– Voting correctly gains 1 point
– Voting incorrectly loses you 1 point
– Abstaining from voting gains 0
* For impostors, the points are as followed:
– Winning gains 5 points
– Killing a crewmate gains 1 point
– Losing gains 0 points

The Game

* The in-game settings will be as followed:
– 2 Imposters/1 if below 8 players in a match.
– 5 short tasks, 2 common and 1 long task
– 1 emergency meeting per player
– 15 seconds of discussion time and 60 seconds of voting time
– 0.75 crew member vision and 1.5 impostor vision
– Short kill distance
– 1.25 movement speed
– 25 second kill cooldown for 1 imposter and 35 for 2.


* Bad Sportsmanship: Players who excessively badmouth or have poor sportsmanship as determined by
Gallant staff will receive a warning.
– This includes behavior towards other players or Gallant staff.
– This also includes trolling or intentionally throwing the game, and excessive
– Another instance beyond that warning will result in removal from the tournament.
* Any instance of cheating will result in an immediate removal from the tournament and a permanent ban from any future Gallant Gaming tournaments.
Cheating includes but is not limited to:
– Teaming
– Using voice or text chat to give hints
– Hacking
– Ghosting
– Stream sniping
– Use of a 3rd party program that gives one player an unfair advantage over another.
– Not reporting scores accurately


* All Staff calls are final!
* Players must report their own scores by sending the results of their game through the Gallant Discord.
* This must contain a screenshot of the end screen
* Discords may only be populated by the players playing during the games.
* All players must use the Gallant Discord.
* Mics are not required but are strongly recommended
* After each game, please try to leave as quickly as possible so that the next players can get ready.