Gallant Saga Vol. 1


Gallant Warriors

An amazing fighting game for all ages! Play Gallant Warriors today.

Choose your fighter and battle some fierce enemies. The first non-blockchain title from Gallant Token.

Compete against your friends and get on the leaderboard!

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KING’S CALLING: An exciting adventure that leads the knight back to the castle where the king awaits him to deliver a message. Complete tasks, collect prizes, defeat enemies and make it back to the castle before it’s too late. For sneak peeks, attend one of our AMA’s.

*Must own $GAL to Play; *Earn $GAL in game; *Acquire & trade NFTs in game; *Use your $GAL  to upgrade items;

GALLANT ARENA: Put up your best NFTs in this PVP, NFT vs NFT, fighting game. The goal is to be the best and max out your NFTs levels. From there you can sell them to people who want to jump straight to success. Play to earn and pay to play. All at the same time. Depends on what you want.

*Players must own $GAL and NFTs for the game

MMORPG: A medieval-inspired MMORPG (massive multi-player online role-playing game) with blockchain integrations. Still in early development. Concept art coming soon.

*Must own $GAL to play; *Use $GAL to upgrade items; *Acquire & trade NFTs in-game